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A showroom for Abaca in London! The new Richmond shop has a selection of beds, mattresses and bedding. Please do visit us for the best selection of organic mattresses in town.

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sundays in November 11.00am to 3.00pm

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Finding us:

By Train: Upon leaving the main entrance of Richmond train and tube station, turn left and follow this road for approximately 200 yards until you reach a set of traffic lights. Follow the road to the left, then cross the road and Eton street is ahead of you. (A Natural Foods supermarket is on the corner of Eton Street). We are 50 yards up the street, on the left hand side.

12C Eton Street, Richmond. London. TW9 1EE.
Tel: 0208 940 2377
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Why buy organic
Choosing the right mattress
Abaca pioneers the most organic
experience in bed

Climbing into bed with Abaca means snuggling into natural, cozy covers. Because more and more people are choosing nature´s fabrics in favour of synthetic materials, Abaca has created a collection of wonderful organic bedding, which complements their own quality branded mattresses and beds.

The organic bedding products selected by Abaca are produced using materials created by traditional farming methods, avoiding the use of highly toxic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This means you are able to choose products that are safer for you and your family – and which ultimately also benefit farmers.

With each one of us spending about a third of our lives in bed, Abaca is proud to bring you sleep that is cleaner, sweeter and a whole lot healthier.

The Abaca Top Five
  • Hand crafted, quality beds and bedding that offer the very best rest
  • Natural and organic mattresses give the purest slumber for those with allergies
  • Chemical–free products give babies and children the best start in sleep
  • Unadulterated luxury guarantees customer comfort for the discerning hotelier
  • Environmentally responsible product lifecycle of all our products appeals to those who prefer to tread lightly on the earth
Spring or bounce:
what´s the right mattress for you?

A change of mattress isn´t a daily decision but one prompted by a combination of factors both intuitive and explicit.

So why are you changing your bed? It won´t take long for the Abaca experts to help you identify the reasons, find out how you prefer to sleep and help you select the mattress to sweeten your dreams, because our products are handmade to the highest standard and thoroughly checked before they leave our workshop.

Everyone is different and each of our mattresses is made individually too, although there are two core comfort zones that form the basis of our collection:

The Pocket Spring: this contains lots of small springs which are individually pocketed. Unlike a traditional wire coil spring (called a Bonnell unit) pocket springs are not attached to each other and therefore there is far less movement in the mattress. It feels denser and more supportive.

Refining this option further, Abaca has designed two types of pocket unit, called ´firm´ and ´standard´. A firm mattress is best if you and/or your partner are on the heavy side, likewise, choose a standard if you are fairly light.

The Natural Latex: sourced from the rubber tree, this option is metal free. The secret lying within this generously deep mattress is a 15cm pad, which makes the whole product soft yet resilient, gently cushioning your body, giving simultaneous relief and support to those all–important pressure points around the body.

With absolutely none of the movement that springs might provide, our Latex mattress is a completely different, supportive and super–comfy experience.

We have 20 years worth of experience in helping people choose the right mattress; talk to us about what you need and what you want. We love to listen and we love to help, because we're simply Wild About Sleep.
How it all began...

These days organic textiles are all the rage. But back in 2004, when Abaca started, it was a bit ´out there´. Thankfully, people have come around to our way of thinking and embraced the organic ethos.

Abaca has pioneered organic textiles, helping shift public perception from bohemian to conventional and desirable. Our organic ethos has established us as the standard bearer of excellence in a market brimming with average and often highly synthetic products.

Each of our mattresses is expertly crafted with pure, organic lambswool and cotton, a hallmark which sets us apart from the crowd. All our products are unique, naturally healthy, free of chemicals and crammed with goodness; thanks to the natural properties of Welsh wool, they are fire retardant too.

For advice on what mattress best suits your needs please talk to Rhiannon on 01269 598491, and they´ll tell you why we really are Wild About Sleep.
Recent news
Prince of Wales visits award winning organic firm in West Wales

Organic mattress firm attracts royal attention. A converted barn on an industrial park near Ammanford in West Wales is on the Royal itinerary this week as The Prince of Wales visits Abaca Organic Living, the makers of organic bed mattresses at 11am on Friday 23rd October. Read more...
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